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The local mall edition of tiny library on an undisclosed tropical island yields real treasure

So I joined this Facebook group called Dylanogy and, inbetween the inevitable posts of Dylan cakes, album collections, and cats named Dylan, found some pretty interesting quotes and music links. Then I saw this social media-shared picture in the Medieval Jollity group and decided it was Dylan threadworthy. It’s by Grant Snider, the creator of Incidental Comics.* Here’s my tongue-in-cheek take on the humor and pathos of Saint Bob**, filtered through the steps to humor nirvana Snider has so artfully arrayed. Some of these have no categorization, I just know they’re funny.

Note: this article is turning into a blog version of the never-ending tour. That’s okay. When I see something head-scratchingly apropos, I’ll add it at the bottom.

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The big bad book is finished. Oh there may be errors and emendations… with 180,000 words (750 pages) in play, there will never not be a missing ellipse or misturned font somewhere or another. But to me, le tome est finis. And yeah, after creation comes the letdown. I’ve got a beautiful case of the blues.

Resigned to twiddling my thumbs for a month or three, until the over stabled, off-and-on (yet always respected) agent arrives at the thriller opus, I took it upon myself to create a couple maps to guide the intrepid reader along… to go with the A Beautiful Case of the Blues (ABCOB) artwork tattoo artist 2Peng and I created during stormswept Boracay closure (pandemic training wheels?) …

Someone asked what the very first draft of my writing looks like. Glad you ask. Not yet sure if the scene is set in an alleyway, motorboat, empty room, or third stone from sun. Whether it involves guns, karma, or poison. Not sure it matters.

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In which an upcoming novel set in Japan is announced and explained.

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Presented here the author’s note for a manuscript I am currently readying for (re)submission to agent and either trad. or self publishing.

A Beautiful Case of the Blues (ABCOB) has been ongoing, whether on high blast or extremely low heat, since 2005. The cultural landscape has changed quite a bit during that time. For that reason, a few notes seem in order.

I began the novel while residing in a Tokyo “gaijin house” much like the one described in ABCOB. This followed on the heels of four years teaching in suburban Chiba, where action also takes place. Starting off under the provisional title “The Bomb” and then “The Disappearance of Darren Loewe” and then “Testcut,” the book morphed into recognizable shape as “Arisugawa Park” when I moved back to the States. …

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This side of Avocado Sun is served up strictly for those who enjoy 1970s dub reggae, say Lee “Scratch” Perry or Augustus Pablo.

Organic roots, the twist being no drum machines, just jamming with Jahpoy at the helm (on chopsticks, I think it was), Nils on drums and me on bongos. Add some foundational Kaloy del Puerto bass on the second song “Up From Bottom” and some spicy Novel Ruiz keyboard licks and the brew is complete. Oh yes and an exuberant singer I stumbled across, Maria, on vocals.

I Walk the Beach
Up From the Bottom
Medication, Meditation
Under Surveillance
Kaloy + Nils’ Ball of…

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Don’t You Leave Me (Wonder Woman) was created impromptu at the midnight tail of a marathon September, 2018, Strawberry Jams session in Quezon City that generated the Avocado Sun side “All Fall Down.”

It was the first session I can remember where everything came together and we were were truly in a flow where everyone was firing on all cylinders.

Herding cats, the usual experience when working with musicians who are asked to extend beyond the norm, gave way to each musician actively working to come up with interesting sounds on the spot. …

The nearness of nature to us all, despite the distance we try to put.

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The planting of human superstructure in virgin soil with not one moment of consideration of the underlying ecosystem that has nurtured humans over a millennium. You cannot sterile nature out. When animal hosts for viruses and creepy crawlies at microbial levels disappear, when the easy routes to propagation disappear through ecosystem loss or mass slaughter, they will find a way to survive. Attach to a new host, say the dominant large mammal on the planet.

Wreak havoc with populations, civilizations, until a new stasis is found. That is the imperative of whatever balance has to sort itself out. Until antiquated things like centers do not hold and whole new planets must be found to infect. …

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[1/20 — As readers of Endurancewriter may have noticed, I am going through the blog backwards and revising all the old pieces before posting any new stuff. I may never get to the new stuff. In the annals of awkward endings that would take the cake, except it doesn’t matter. It never did matter. One sentence is important as the other, in any given moment of time. Particularly meaningful, as time may soon cease to exist for humans.

Global warming matters. 8.6 million pieces of micro plastic in every cubit foot of ocean water matters. The loss of hedges as a place for ecosystems to thrive in the European margin matters. The way opportunists have fracked the American West matters. The far worse situation in every other continent matters. There, I said it. …

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Damon Arvid © 2019 All italicized quotes are Joaquin Phoenix in conversation with Peter Travers.

I. Beyond Ironic

In 2019, it is beyond ironic that the last gasp for method, setting-focused ensemble work on a cape-and-CG dominated cinematic stage is within the superhero tentpole. “Beyond” because irony barely has a pulse when the insidious meme has mulched thesis and antithesis into ADHD-riddled snark.*

As a musician (and come to think of it, writer) who carefully assembles improvised riffs and elements, I identify more than a little with the way that Joker, as a movie — as a character — creates narrative. Riff, rift, repeat.

“The last day of shooting we did a scene with seven wildly different takes. That was the last thing we shot. So [up until the end] we were still thinking of ideas, what could we do differently.”

latest in the Fabric Discography released

The latest in the fabric music project is up and centers on I’m Not Citified and Soul Workout. It’s from an upcoming project called Furtive Karma. The video was shot in Bali and it’s pretty self explanatory, the songs came to me in Vancouver last year. For listening, headphones work best.

Damon Arvid — vocals, flute, ukulele, bass, guitar

Ian Joseph — guitar

Kaloy del puerto — bass, ukulele

Sharif Haddadin — drums

I have been low key in this, how could one not be in this distractified world, without committing the cardinal mistake of going viral? …


Damon Arvid

Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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