The local mall edition of tiny library on an undisclosed tropical island yields real treasure

So I joined this Facebook group called Dylanogy and, inbetween the inevitable posts of Dylan cakes, album collections, and cats named Dylan, found some pretty interesting quotes and music links. Then I saw this social media-shared picture in the Medieval Jollity group and decided it was Dylan threadworthy. It’s by Grant Snider, the creator of Incidental Comics.* Here’s my tongue-in-cheek take on the humor and pathos of Saint Bob**, filtered through the steps to humor nirvana Snider has so artfully arrayed. Some of these have no categorization, I just know they’re funny.

Note: this article is turning into a blog…

Damon Arvid

Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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