Chasm, Heat Lightning (Off The Rails)

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The earth is in a prickly state

A poem that may be incorporated within a song.

For the musical side check fabric — Summon These Days

I was just thinking of all the research I completed in grad school, on creating a GNH focused, sustainability framework within a trade and industry denominated economic system.

The connection between scientific process and the more poetic projects I am engaged in has never seemed more worth sharing. Here is a poeticized version of the fabric vision, in a format that accents the provisional and shifting nature of what I’ve come up with thus far.

I apologize for the lack of stanzas, Medium does not allow line breaks.

Chasm, Heat Lightning (Off The Rails)

A shadow world of entrepreneurial vikings

the only thing between chasm, heat lightning.

In other words, as beats foretold

a rhyme of peace, a yearning old––

waiting on the corner, with something piquant

that almost, not quite, takes away all this want––

Nothing so sum zero as Zen,

nothing so mathematically inept as nofap

juggling maybe, kombucha —

a theory that hits you at 3am.

What I see in previous lives

if I only I had had a map,

thanks Loki for muddying the track

(trickster = tao)

Always making my way to a new paradise or stupor,

my only excuse one of borrowed time,

the impetus of observation

and stopwatch Melodica 1956

hairspring unwind.

To the earth it is revealed,

to the masses still concealed,

the need to stop and listen,

re-engineer the system.

A runaway train with stop points,

mission-handles, beats and breaks

designed for 19th century

coal-fired carriage rails,

there is no time and

far from being safe,

dog-whistled Earth

is poised to erase.

Three random observations related to poem, to end this edition of Fabric the Project:

1. Microplastic knows no borders, therefore manufacturing practices in Vietnam and Angola and US and Brazil are everybody’s business. As are vehicle emissions policies. As are coal-fired plant plans being drawn up as we speak and concrete intensive skyscrapers with no traffic exigency plans.

2. Drilling down ever deeper takes us not higher. It threatens to release lethal gasses, new tectonic ruptures, and could infect the interior and turn the Earth into a radioactive core. This is why we should not penetrate into the planet’s mantle. We would be fulfilling the Big Bang theory (on a microcosmic level, given the size of the universe).

Is one experiment gone awry worth the outward pulsing fire from a planet, a galaxy, that no longer exists? If sustainability efforts are building the footprint for ever-greater radioactivity and explosions, I want no part. Let’s not fission, fusion, and drill the earth into destiny as a new star.

3. That last was a conversation ender. I’m stumped. Time to close that window halfway, despite the pleasure of steam clock whistle and seagull caw––it’s bracing in the Northwest this time of year.


Clicking on the indexed links below gets you to 1) the first entry in the series, which includes a 2) series-specific contents list, like the one for Arisugawa Park below. Think of these links as a blog contents page that allows the entire ecosystem of Damon Arvid writing to be searched in seconds. A workaround necessary on a platform designed for feed, rather than author-specific searches.

All my content is real writing, of a level that was repped to the big publishers, who passed, because, well… Robert Johnson, Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe and so many unsung who never got the official nod and made often better art as a result.

fabric — concept + platform + system

Gaming Sustainability

Chasm, Heat Lightning (Off The Rails)

Fabric the Music Project

Save the Dance Hall Society

Chasm, Heat Lightning (Off The Rails)

Copyright © Damon Arvid 2018

With an equal focus on the visual, auditory, and written, Damon Arvid is an artist who has shared bits and pieces of the total vision on various skins and mediums. This is the current public skin, along with the Youtube playlist Fabric — Summon These Days.

STOP clicking. Relax. Listen very closely, something is being said. Organic, loosely tied to the future, based on a coherent ecosystem of sound + content.

A toast… for the fabric music that melds musicians learning and composing on the spot with painstaking arrangements of sounds that are… original, not copyied or altered beats, rhythms, and chords.

A toast… for doodles that uncover new tomorrows and only afterward self-evident truths.

A toast… for the cloud novel ecosystem that manifests in several works that lead to life on Mars.

Endurancewriter blog defunct and discontinued. My apologies. 20,000 views a month and no payoff, no human anything. Rap-a-tap… but Arisugawa Park, Cowachunga, et al. continue.

Medium is simply a ledgered host for the material, a month’s earnings were .02 cents — ultimately this material will be exported to a platform that values original content in a curated and rationally compensated way. IP is getting there, because…

All for one and one for… fabric.

Written by

Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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