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GPGP — Bring the A Game

Annals in the art of planning Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a film project, from the rising seas up.

For the musical side check fabric — Summon These Days

I spoke with P — recently via video… he is hitting a rough patch in the travels, but seemed to cheer up when I explained how creative the project could be.

Then in Vancouver I spent the day walking around and chatting with a woman finishing up her microbiological master’s studies in Zurich. She gave me some interesting insight into the way in which bacteria and phages could be part of a survival and power generation strategy at sea… I countered with kombucha. I feel like pieces are falling together…. I do think that I may need to plan for everything to coalesce in a year, rather than May… also November weather is some of the best and most varied on the islands…

if you do manage to say hi to P–– I know that he will appreciate it… also ask him about the story of GPGP… he is a real skeptic, but I saw the lightbulb go on when he got the concept

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he mentioned that you are a busy cinematographer who likes to get paid well for what he does, and I said yes that is part of the point. I said that if he brings his A game, as me mine, and you yours, it could also be groundbreaking art.

Next––It seems like an exotic adventure. But she keeps swimming.

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Clicking on the indexed links below gets you to 1) the first entry in the series, which includes a 2) series-specific contents list, like the one for WILOTI below. Think of these links as a blog contents page that allows the entire ecosystem of Damon Arvid writing to be searched in seconds. A workaround necessary on a platform designed for feed, rather than author-specific searches.

All my content is real writing, of a level that was repped to the big publishers, who passed, because, well… Robert Johnson, Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe and so many unsung who never got the official nod and made often better art as a result.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

(1) Bring the A Game

(2) It seems like an exotic adventure. But she keeps swimming.

(3) Pandacai Island

Copyright © Damon Arvid 2018

With an equal focus on the visual, auditory, and written, Damon Arvid is an artist who has shared bits and pieces of the total vision on various skins and mediums. This is the current public skin, along with the Youtube playlist Fabric — Summon These Days.

STOP clicking. Relax. Listen very closely, something is being said. Organic, loosely tied to the future, based on a coherent ecosystem of sound + content.

A toast… for the fabric music that melds musicians learning and composing on the spot with painstaking arrangements of sounds that are… original, not copyied or altered beats, rhythms, and chords.

A toast… for doodles that uncover new tomorrows and only afterward self-evident truths.

A toast… for the cloud novel ecosystem that manifests in several works that lead to life on Mars.

Endurancewriter blog defunct and discontinued. My apologies. 20,000 views a month and no payoff, no human anything. Rap-a-tap… but Arisugawa Park, Cowachunga, et al. continue.

Medium is simply a ledgered host for the material, a month’s earnings were .02 cents — ultimately this material will be exported to a platform that values original content in a curated and rationally compensated way. IP is getting there, because…

All for one and one for… fabric.

Written by

Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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