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Limbs in the water.

GPGP 1.1-2 — It seems like an exotic adventure. But she keeps swimming

Annals in the art of planning Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a film project, from the rising seas up.

For the musical side check fabric — Summon These Days

1.1 — Water

Shot of a woman diving off the prow of a traditional South Pacific catamaran into the ocean. Two wiry 40-something fishermen silhoetted on the boat watch her start swimming. It seems like an exotic adventure. But she keeps swimming and when she pauses and looks back she can only see a distant boat and figures bobbing in the water. She keeps swimming out through choppier waves. A look back, nothing––just water. Arial shot expands to show her swimming amidst a vast sea of plastic.

1.2 — College of the Birckens

Sava is a graduate student at the College of Birckens* in the Northwest, with a focus on amphibian species such as frogs, salamanders, and newts. She is double majoring in microbiology, with a focus on phages and the ecosystem.* She walks across the quad in sweater and skirt, notebooks in hand, swatting flies as a couple of students try to engage her. Tilting her head and adjusting glasses, she enters the office of her mentor Dr. Adonia Penske, to discusses an upcoming graduate program in Pandacai.**

1.3 — Pandacai Restoration Plan

The aim of Sava’s project is to map creek and lagoon drainage systems within a tropical landscape that is experiencing rapid speculative, largely unchecked, development. Mapping endemic frog and salamander species on the brink is critical, not only as a way of preserving biodiversity, but because amphibian health is often a bellweather for larger issues.

Related projects within the program include sewage and sanitation practices, and the restoration and protection of vegetation with root systems that protect from erosion. As well as conservtion issues that arise when you build directly on lagoons, beaches, and streams. Gross National Happiness. Enacting change where public policy cannot (for reasons of endemic corruption), the bitcurrency-funded, academia-integrated fabric project will inform the genesis of a sustainability-promoting sewage system and coastal conservation system.

The issue that faced is that almost none of the land studied is officially protected, with local and (increasingly and rabidly) international developers anxious to build on every remaining open space. While many locals still inhabit traditions in which everything is simple, shared, and looked after.

While in Pandacai, Sava will be working under the guidance of Dr. Penske’s former protege and a longtime Boracay resident, Laura Swetener. A free spirit from — -, Laura quit college three months before she would have earned her master’s degree. She is a whirlwind of ideas and passions, an avid reader with a dog and two cats, a passion for yoga, and a five-year-old child.

The father is from a very rich family and has taken the kid away from her, to be raised by the extended family in Mattani… she stays in Pandacai partly because of her love for the island and its people, and partly because of a commitment to save the island from the type of people that her father represent.

Laura is also an enthusiastic marine biologist who knows more about local aquatic ecosystems than most university researchers. She has created a small private grant-funded project in tandem with the Mobley Aquarium in Monterane, which will position Caticlan as a new sustainability research hub––including an aquarium and research center situated on a restored warehouse pier.


*The phage/ecosystem aspect of the project, which centers on minute life forms that colonize bacterial hosts, will be explained through an animation techniques will be revisited throughout the movie in explaining other biologic processes, from kombucha power generation to Internet server and satellite positioning dynamics, and the evolving ledgered blockchain system.

** Any of a number of concrete-threatened coastal paradise locations spanning the Southeast Asia and the Caribbean could be used. A place where concrete is rapidly taking the place of intense natural beauty.


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All my content is real writing, of a level that was repped to the big publishers, who passed, because, well… Robert Johnson, Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe and so many unsung who never got the official nod and made often better art as a result.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

(1) Bring the A Game

(2) It seems like an exotic adventure. But she keeps swimming.

(3) Pandacai Island

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