I gave a Weebly blog (endurancewriter.com) a good try for a couple years, got a few highly ranked search results for random topics that drive a couple thousand views to it on a monthly basis, a year after the last post (type Marley, Hendrix, 1968 in Google).

This traffic is roughly the same as when I was posting. Occasionally I receive a comment, usually from a cleaning service.

I’m now conceptualizing how the blog can be part of a paywall system that generates revenue from views ultimately attained from moving-toward-curated freemium platforms such as Medium––through the serial cloud novels Arisugawa Park, Testcut, Cowachunga, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and whatnot. Baby steps.

I could be biased, but from my perspective we truly have lived through a dark ages, one of false equivalences, when it comes to writers and content.The Internet as it has evolved emphasizes the distractifying — even on Medium there is a push to view the article, not read the author. Let me go check some tips to fall asleep in 120 seconds or less.

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Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — endurancewriter.comdamonarvid.com — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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