I have been cogitating on a completely new platform Fabric for some time. There are a lot of complex reasons why the Interweb is not great at seperating grains from chaf, and this all comes down to the impossibility of using an algorithm to select what hits eyeballs.

Because originality seeps through in areas that have not been traversed, as of yet. This mirrors the unique ability of the human body, powered by billions of microorganisms and chemical reactions, to outlap any machine learning program when it comes to randomness and being at the cusp of what is possible.

So yeah, human curation. That costs, but then again forums have been doing that for free, self-regulating, for decades. Add a little economic incentive to the mix and you might grow sea monkeys.

A neat little thing Medium could do immediately would be to make an Authors column on the header, where we can easily drill down through liked, favorited, read, and followed authors and find their latest pieces, as well as their magnum corpus.

Ok, just got an idea for a neat little Medium article.

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Novel — A Beautiful Case of the Blues — endurancewriter.comdamonarvid.com — cloud novels, music on Utoob: fabric — Summon These Days… etc ad finitum

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