Smash Mouth, whom I accidentally saw (or was it Uncle Cracker?) at a free bayou festival while woodshedding with the wood flute for a few weeks last year in New Orleans is the classic example of writing inanely catchy songs built on a Doors/mid-60s LA vibe that lack vocal vision and depth of lyrics.

This article does not convince me of the profundity of Steve Harwell or make me want to Youtube an entire Smashmouth album, much less a legendary Red Rocks performance.*

“But all we did was make a bunch of stupid Smash Mouth memes, ignoring the clear warnings they placed before our ears.” Come on, global warming has been common knowledge since the mid 1980s, some would say since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, not 1999 — when the global resources extraction industry was partying like it was 1984.

They still are, come to think of it.

*Rock artists of the era beyond Radiohead worth Youtubing? Quite a few, including Mark Eitzel, PJ Harvey, Whiskeytown, the Pogues, Son Volt, Julie Murphy, Wilco, Golden Smog, and Mark Mulcahy. Pearl Jam was doing some meaningfully original stuff at this point.

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