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On an EVA of the Martian terrain equipped with hat, guidebook, and Soylent. ‪#‎endurancewriter‬


Here I am at Day 4 and I still have not blown up the Hab with my Soylent and hydrazine experiments. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m living in my rover, having turned the hab into a hydrogen bomb. I did not realize the rice protein in the all-purpose gruel would have this effect in combination with the oxygen in the iridium chamber. Whoops! Guess I’ll never find out whether Cindy was a good replacement for Chrissy on Three’s Company.

Actually (apologies to Andy Weir), there is not much to report. I have been dutifully blending my Soylent-fruit smoothie concoction and consuming it. The taste is beginning to not appeal to me. But I think it is worth it in that I have been getting into a good, sustainable diet in a matter of days, not years (the ‘always tomorrow’ syndrome). When you quit something cold turkey — like eating excessive solid foods — well, that is a chance to create a new paradigm.

Kind of like learning not to whine about the publishing industry. It is what it is. I am what I am. A fucking good writer who does not really want to get discovered. Meanwhile, A MEGA SCIENTIFIC SOUND percolates in my mind, reinforcing my love of classic dub reggae.

Actually, I did have a peak experience yesterday, three days into the Soylent diet. I was invited to the Imperial Spa* on a free pass by Marie and spent several hours soaking and enjoying an almost meditational ambiance. At the end of this time, I accompanied my traveling friend to an intimate DJ type thing in an outdoors garden setting. Sans flute, unfortunately, but walking there at 11pm in the temperate Vegas night, having taken a packet of natural energy supplement, I felt literally 20 years younger. I felt energized, healthy, balanced, with lots of pep in my step and a realization that life is not so bad. Money or no money, friends and the pursuit of Art will see anyone through. And this Soylent gruel… well it is getting my body in balance somehow.

* A Korean bathhouse on Sahara in Vegas.

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